Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Who Do You Think You Are ~ US Style!

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of DearMyrtle
I stayed up very late last night and joined the Google hangout after the show of the American series of Who Do You Think You Are. The show airs at Central US time of 8pm, which equates to 3am here in the UK.

Those of us in the UK get our own (original) version of the show, but can not see the US show, sadly. I have below shared the trailer but viewers in the UK you will need to click the link in this article

The show was recorded if you were not able to see the hangout and is presented here for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Julie, many of the U.S. and previous episodes of the U.K. Versions of the show are available on YouTube. We watch them streamed tour t.v. I can also recommend the Autralian ones to be found there, and our Canadian version, although only 30 minutes in length, is quite good too.

    To view on YouTube, simply search the title, or "WDYTYA". Look for the name "Acramveh". This person recorded many things.

    I am unable to see the current U.S. shows until someone has posted them on YT. Despite being in North America, the t.v. Network won't allow us to view it.

    I do have a friend in the Netherlands who records the British one.

    I have missed some episodes, or the quality hasn't been good. I really wanted to see Nigel Havers, since I loved him way back in"Chariots of Fire", but my friend only got the second half.

    I would be in Seventh Heaven, if I could get every series, it is the most engrossing program ever made, I think.

    (End of lengthy comment!😉

    1. Kat, You leave a lengthy post anytime!

      Thanks for the tip about YouTube. I realised yesterday that is a seriously under used resource of genealogical viewing pleasure thanks to those who do put stuff online. I will head off their now and search for the name you mentioned.

      Even though some of the programs make it look too easy, it really is genealogical escapism and (I think at its best) it is an opportunity to be genealogical even though in front of the box!

      The Nigel Havers show was a good one and I still have it on the Sky record box. Now just how you get it from there to YouTube is anyone's guess. Perhaps I will explore the possibility.

  2. I have a Dropbox account where you may be able to share it with me, but I don't have the details right now. I'll get them to you and see if we can't work it out.

    By the way, are you familiar with the program, Heir Hunters? It's another good genealogy-based program from the U.K.

    1. Oh yes, Heir Hunters. The TV thing auto records them and I watch when I am tired and home alone (hubby is fishing) I have a little stock of them to enjoy on his next fishing trip.

      Yes I use Dropbox too (love it!)Let me ponder on the logistics of it all - I do have a bit of an idea and it will involve hubby doing me a wee favour!


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