Monday, 17 April 2006

ooohhh the pain!.......

I got out of the car last Tuesday and felt a twinge, by Thursday I was really struggling and in a lot of pain in my back and the ribs, basically all the bits that were injured when the Nissan Micra wrote our BMW off in Dec 2004.

Thankfully, I was off Good Friday, the weekend and Easter Monday, so reached for the Co-proxamol and Ibuprofen 6oomg. All prescribed following the accident, which rended me off work of 3 months. The yesterday (sunday) I noticed my ankles I laid off the tablets to see if there had been any improvement. I woke at 4 o 'Clock this morning in pain, so back on the pain killers and anti inflammatories. After taking them, I decided to locate my aging BNF in the study and note that the Ibuprofen has the potential side effect of water rention, ankle swelling. Judging by the size of mine, I won't disagree with that!

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