Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank: A Novel by Ellen Feldman

This book was a work of fiction based upon a true event, and I was mid way through the book before I re-read the dust jacket. The families of Peter and Anne went into hiding in Holland during World War Two. During that time Anne kept a diary and both amazingly and sadly the book survived the horrors of the War, whereas the only surviver of the two families was infact Anne's father.

In the book, we follow the life of Peter. How he would have coped and rebuilt his life; and found someways of dealing with being the survivor, when all his loved ones did not. In the book, Peter is wrestling with his inner self; he pretends that he is not Jewish, builds a wall of silence that even his wife and business partner can not break through.

This is a well pulled together, thought provoking book and one based on the word IF.

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