Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Anyone for a cuppa?

Several weeks ago, I walked pass a small antique shop in town when I spotted a delightful, what I believed to be a coffee set. I commented to Mum, that it matched a tea set she had inherited from my grandmother. I resisted buying it. Then last week Mum asked me if I had seen the coffee set again. I said I had, and wasn't sure whether to buy it or not. It would complement the set that Mum had. Mum then suggested that she ring and ask the shop to reserve it for me and If I picked it up she would buy me the coffee set as a belated anniversary present and give me the tea set that she had. I was overwhelmed. So, on Saturday, I wandered into town and bought the coffee set.

Markings on the bottom.

Then later over the weekend Mum gave me the bits that we had inherited.

But this time the markings on the bottom are different, but very clearly the same design.

I guess this dates to the mid 1930s.

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