Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Fragrant Harbour by John Lanchester

A compelling story of four people whose lives are entwined. Tom Stewart who in the early 1930s leaves the UK for Hong Kong, leaving behind his only family, a Grandmother & his brother and the public house they run. On the boat he meets an assortment of people and becomes involved in a bet, that he can not learn Cantonese. Sister Maria, the person responsible for him learning Cantonese. As Tom leaves the boat he is given the name of someone who will, given, he can now speak Cantonese give him a job. His friendship with Sister Maria develops and lasts until her death.....The remainder of the four characters are Matthew Ho who is Anglo Chinese, and grandson to Tom, who meets Dawn Stone on her maiden flight to Hong Kong. Their lives become completely entwined as they, in one way and another fight for survival.

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