Sunday, 26 October 2008

Seven Sisters (Benni Harper Mysteries) by Earlene Fowler

Not my most favorite of the series, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Benni's stepson announces that his girlfriend is pregnant and that they plan to marry. The girlfriend is none other than one of his father's fellow police the party planned for their engagement one of the future relatives is found shot dead. Benni does resist in getting caught up with this mystery of who did it, but is back in the centre of it all, due to the police officer investigating the case. The new police officer had an appauling amount of people skills and I found him to be very irritating. Due to an impending wedding, Gabe finds that he is spending time with his ex wife, and I found that Benni was very controlled over this and I just wanted her to be more challenging with her hubby! What unfolds is a very sad and tragic story....

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