Saturday, 21 June 2014

Book of Me, Written by You, Prompt 43

Today is week 43 of what is going to be a 15 month project. Each Saturday, at around 12.30 am UK time I will release the prompt for that week's Book of Me, Written by You.

If you are new here, welcome! The details, background flyer and Face Book link to the Book of Me can be found HERE.

This week's prompt is - Emigration / Migration / Immigration

Have you ever lived overseas from your place of birth?
Would you want to?
Could you?
Did your ancestors or even a more recent generation?
Do you feel akin to another Country from that in which you were born?
If so have you found any ancestral links in your research that perhaps explains those feelings?
As always share (or not) examples, photographs and perhaps events or rationale

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:23 am

    For us Americans, we all can pretty much count on having immigration stories. And thy are actually very bittersweet stories. Undoubtedly, our ancestors left their countries of origin so as to obtain better living conditions, but they left loved ones behind. (And there was no skype or email back then!) I am particularly haunted by one of my 2nd greats, who left England with 4 of his daughters, leaving his older 6 children and grandchildren behind, as well as his deceased wife. He left England knowing that he and his wife would be buried on separate continents. That always makes me sad to think about it.


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