Monday, 10 July 2006

Address Books......

I have 7 address books. I have a wonderfully fading address book purchased from Liberty in 1988, I know the date as I date must be the historian in me! I had to find the address of some friends. Its their wedding anniversary on 11th and I needed to get their card in the post, but which address book. I eventually found their new address in the back of 2005's diary. Talk about disorganised. I rang Liberty, Do you still make the address books covered with Librerty print with leather corners I asked? No, was the reply. Drat! Mmm, I liked my faded address book, which has travelled around the world we me, been to Kenya where I got married, but its looking a little sad, faded and exhausted. No, I do need a replacement. After much deliberation I've opted for a nice leather one made by Ciak in Florence.

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