Saturday, 15 July 2006

Shoes in the wardrobe!

mood: chipper
music: Seagulls making a right racket!

Part of my New Years resolutions was to have a good clear out. Last weekend I wizzed through the kitchen cupboards and bunged a load on FreeCycle. Today it was the bottom of the wardrobe and a pile of shoes. Do you know that I had shoes that I bought 16 years ago.....Mum was here, and was giving me a hand, and was horrified that I was going to place a pair of shoes bought from Clarks in Guildford to take to Oz with me in 1991 back in the wardrobe. I only saw sense when Mum said "they are so old the leather has gone couldn't possibly wear them" Mum, you were right, and about those Reeboks that I also bought to go to Oz with, in the same year. I only stopped wearing those a few years ago when I did manage to buy an identical pair......I really am a creature of habit!


  1. Oh lordy, do I know about shoes hiding in my closet that I've not worn in years. Once cleared out, you can start again....ah... all that shoe shopping...

  2. Nice post...I enjoy my shoe shopping along with my family members...We prefer buying timberland shoes..


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