Sunday, 4 February 2007

Another meme!

Spotted on pussreboot's LJ

Loneliness Quotient: 9%

Your Personalized Assessment Report:

Your LQ is incredibly low, indicative of quite a satisfying social life. Congratulations on scoring so low. Your relationships with friends are not a source of loneliness for you. You are doing well in this area. Your family is also not a source of loneliness for you. Sometimes family can put a strain on your life, but in your case things seem to be okay. Importantly, your current romantic situation seems not to be a source of unhappiness for you. You and your special man don't seem to have any major difficulties. Finally, a bright spot for you is that you don't suffer any major insecurity issues. This fact helps keep your LQ lower than what it might have been.

Take the Loneliness Quotient Test at Dating Diversions

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