Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Blood Detective by Dan Waddell

I saw a review of this book several months ago in a genealogical magazine, it appealed to my genealogical mind and once it had arrived from Amazon, did not sit on mount TBR for long. Written by the man who wrote the Who Do you think you are series, this obviously links into real genealogical sources.

The story is centered around a chief inspector who is required to investigate a murder. The evidence does not seem to add up, and before long the inspector and his team are taping into the knowledge of a genealogist who discovers that the current series of murders are linked back to a series of Victorian murders. The genealogist spends lots of time looking into one of the most under used sources there are...newspapers, and sadly discovers that the man, who was tried by the victorian court was not guilty, so is this a crime of retribution?........

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