Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Murder Is Binding (Booktown Mysteries) by Lorna Barrett

This new series is off to a good start....

Tricia opens wonderful mystery bookshop in a bookshop town, that is set upon Hay on Way. The local book sellers are feeling the pinch as the local land agent wants to increase the rents. The owner of the cookery bookshop next door is in fierce dispute. Following a brief visit from Tricia the cookery bookshop owner is murdered. All the local eyes turn to Tricia and when the police chief appears to have stopped looking for an alternative suspect Tricia knows she must work hard in an attempt to clear her name.....

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  1. It's always nice to hear that someone likes the book. Thank you!

    (BTW, I just got the cover for the next book in the series. It's on my website:

  2. I loved the book. It kept me company whilst away on a business trip. I read it at every opportunity including through dinner (eating alone is never nice!)

    Looking forward to Feb when book 2 is released. Great series. Thank you!


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