Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ramblings from my Desk.....(12)

We had a house viewing earlier today, which was rather handy as we had already decided to take a run out with Alfie to look at where our new home is going to be.

Alfie was quite happy in the back of our car with his bed and his toy bunny! as we travelled along the A30. The views are lovely although it was a dull day.

As we approached our destination we had a lovely view of the green trees.

We parked up in the area which is going to be where the master bedroom will be situated. This will be our view.

The field here is protected so we will always have this view and there was the sound of Baa from the resident sheep. Alfie was fairly curious. We have no idea if he has seen sheep before.

So, we are now waiting for a buyer for our house, but in the meantime we have paid our deposit and our new home will be here. I am a visual person, so I find it generally quite hard to picture what will be here. We have been lucky that we looked at one of the vacant properties, just to the right, which was actually sold whilst we were viewing! At some point in the near future our 3 bedroom home with NO stairs! will be here

On the way home we crossed Dartmoor rather than take a more direct route. This weekend is the Ten Tors Challenge, so Dartmoor was full of people in walking parties in addition to the usual tourists. It was gloomy and in the main dry, but the Moor can be inhospitable if you don't know how to look after yourself.

Here are a few shots - 

Dartmoor Pony

Dartmoor is host to sheep, cows and of course the ponies. They wander freely and have complete disregard for the road. This chap above was simply walking along the side of the road. Alfie was quite taken with him and was standing up with his paws again the boot looking out wandering what on earth it was. Bless him!

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  1. Alfie is in for some new and exciting things in his life soon! The area looks beautiful. Your trees are where ours were about a month ago. Now, ours are summer green.


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