Saturday, 11 January 2014

Society Saturday - The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society

Today I am going to highlight a society that is new to me and I stumbled across, quite by chance.

Society Seal
Image courtesy of the The Guyana /
British Guiana Genealogical Society

The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society formed in 2005.

It is completely free to join and is totally reliant on volunteer assistance with the Society. Sadly, the newsletters have stopped due to the workload and lack of support, but the Society does offer free membership and in order to take advantage of the free membership, all that you need do is register and post a message on the Forum. This is also free to join.

I do not believe that I have any particular ancestry in the region, but that said I have stumbled across several individuals from collateral lines that have popped up where I did not expect them to be. Furthermore, as I am also undertaking two one name studies, for the surnames of Orlando and Worship I find references in all manner of places and documents.

A quick read of the forum revealed an interest in at least two surnames that are registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

There are numerous transcriptions, sources and other links to explore and I think this is certainly worth exploring if you potentially have ancestors in the region.

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