Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Web Wednesday - Collection Software

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Over the last couple of days I have talked about Understanding a Collection and Recognising a Collection.

Whilst using Excel or Google sheets is a really good option for recording the items that make up a collection I have come across two pieces of software that are available and free to download.

I have not currently tried either of them, so please exercise care and attention with downloading!
As I said I have not tried either and before doing so I will be clarifying the types of material I have in my collections. I shall share details of my collections later in the week and share how I am tracking my collections.

There is also one site that I do use and I know many fellow book readers and genealogists do too.
You can view my LibraryThing profile. I paid my $25 for lifetime access back in 2005. I use the site to track my books, reading and book wish lists by having a series of collections; you can read the details by visiting the profile. 

I still have two bookcases to do, one that houses my Italian collection of books and my thyroid collection of books. The second bookcase houses the majority of my husband's angling and fishing books. I also have several boxes of books that belonged to my late Mum to process.

In addition to that I also record journals, papers, audio books and microfiche. I have a plan to log several podcasts that I have listened too and want to review. In the comments section I add the URL and/or the details where the podcast is located. I also have a notebook of around 20 years of book reviews that I may (or may not) add to LibraryThing as time and the urge allows!

Over the next few days I will be sharing some more information about my collections.


  1. Your post from yesterday about recognizing collections made me stand back and evaluate my genealogy data. Thanks for the inspiration to get back on the ball !

  2. I've downloaded and am trialling Collectorz Movies because I want a arecord of what I've seen like on Librarything. One can catalogue 50 movies in the trial.

  3. Anonymous9:57 am

    The museum software looks very promising. Thanks for sharing them.


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