Saturday, 12 April 2014

Book of Me, Written by You, Prompt 33

Today is week 33 of what is going to be a 15 month project. Each Saturday, at around 12.30 am UK time I will release the prompt for that week's Book of Me, Written by You.

If you are new here, welcome! The details, background flyer and Face Book link to the Book of Me can be found HERE.

This week's prompt is - Regrets

  • Big Regrets
    • I should (or not) have bought that large purchase
  • Small Regrets
    • I should (or not) have had that thick shake at MacDonalds
  • Miscellaneous Regrets
    • Relationships
    • Jobs
    • Friends

This might seem like a prompt which gives you permission to beat yourself up at the regrets you may have. That is not the case. The important thing to remember with regrets is that hindsight is a wonderful thing!

1 comment:

  1. It is OK to have regrets as long as we learn from them and do not repeat them.


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