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Bowring Family at Torquay

Through various bits of research I established the Bellasis family connected to a fairly well know Devonian family called Bowring. As I live in the County it was relatively easy to access the archives and cemeteries. I don't want to write more of the Bellasis & Bowring families at the moment as they are going to be the subject of a couple of "Ancestor of the week" posts over the next few months, but I wanted to load the photos up the Grave Encounters site and I couldn't do that without a small write up.

Having established that Lewin Bentham Bowring was buried in Torquay I telephoned to see if I could arrange for the grave to be marked so that I could find it it easier. When I met up with the groundsman he said that there were two graves and asked if I had known that. I said no. He then arranged for me to see the burial books, which indicated that in addition to the grave of Lewin Bentham Bowring and his wife Katherine there was also the grave of Lewin's son Captain Vincent Bowring, but the plot also contained the son Edward Lewis who had died in 1885 aged 15 years.

It is a purely a guess that the grave had been initially been marked with a headstone for Edward by his father, but by the time Captain Vincent Bowring had passed away in 1951 both Lewin and Katherine themselves were deceased and as the family already owned the plot someone made the decision that Captain Vincent could be interned there and placed the headstone accordingly, which means that the burial of Edward is no longer recorded at the site, and only in the burial register.

Bowring Graves


Headstone of Lewin Bentham & Katherine Bowring nee Bellasis

Buried in section C, Un-consecrated ground

Pray for the souls of


Chief Commissioner of Mysore and Goore

J P for Devon

Who died Jan 14th 1910 aged 85

And KATHERINE his wife


Who died March 18th 1915 aged 74

Requiescant in Page

Iain Vincent Lewin Bowring

Pray for the soul of


Royal Navy

Died Feb 23rd 1951


Section C line 18 Grave

From the Cemetery records we can establish that also buried in this grave is


Who died 3rd July 1885 aged 15.

The plot was purchased by Lewin B BOWRING.

Katherine purchased the grave of Lewin Bentham BOWRING at the time of his death. She purchased a double plot and they lay side by side.

At the time of her death Katherine was residing at 90 Hagley Road, Edgebaston Birmingham.

Graves Transcribed March 2000, Photographed June 2002


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  2. LEWIN BENTHAM BOWRING CSI, was chief Commissioner of Mysore and Coorg (aka Kodagu). Goore is not correct.

    1. Many thanks for your comment and the correction. I need to get new glasses! Much appreciated!


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