Monday, 29 July 2013

A Summer Flashback!

The last month or so has been one of mixed emotion. Firstly we had a really wonderful spell of hot summer weather. Temperatures up into the late 20s and early 30s centigrade. Of course, other parts of the world frequently experience temperatures such as those, but us Brits are not use to very hot  or extreme cold. Which is why we obsess about it! I read somewhere that sales of paddling pools had increased 800%, which means that quite literally thousands were sold. We already own one, purchased a few summers ago for our Border Terrier Alfie, who loves it!

As June rolled into July we saw Wimbledon and the fantastic final played by Andy Murray. I was quite literally on the edge of my seat. Cheering him onto win.

Next came the Royal baby. I am not especially a Royalist. I am though a traditionalist. I understand the concept of Monarchy and the part they play in British and worldwide Society, the hard work they undertake and being a history graduate, I understand the historical presence of the whole Royalty issue.

No one, apart from the vital bits of the Royal household knew the exact date that junior was expected. There was lots of guessing in the media and the hospital where the birth was due to happen was swamped with media from across the globe. I recall the apparent expected date, 13 July, because it fell on my wedding anniversary; (we get one with a 0 at the end next year, and my beloved really needs a medal!)

Every morning I got up and checked Sky News for a baby update. Then finally it was announced a little boy, a future heir. How simply wonderful. So it was somewhat saddening to read the negatives, the costs of maintaining the Royals and all the hullabaloo. Think nice thoughts. Little baby Cambridge is deserving of

Just when the excitement of tennis and babies could not sustain the media we had the anniversary marking a year since the Olympics were held in London during 2012. I should also point out that there were other venues too across the Country – Weymouth and Cardiff spring to mind. Now, I like tennis, but I am not a real sport enthusiast and in previous years I have never been glued to my television as much as I was during London 2012. I became absolutely consumed with it.

When I wasn't home I recorded the various events and watched them later and watched Sky News for regular updates. My claim to fame, was that my husband was at one of the Olympic venues. In one of the support mechanism roles, not associated with sport. It was the first year we had ever been apart for our wedding anniversary, but what an experience. My journal for last year is full of notes and snippets about the Olympics and being home alone, well with Alfie who spent many days wondering where his master was.

Over the weekend the BBC showed the repeat of the Opening Ceremony and I have managed to find the event on YouTube. It is lengthy, over 3 hours and it only took 47 seconds before a mention was made to the weather!

Enjoy the revisit to the opening ceremony, it truly is British pomp and ceremony at its best and hopefully fulfilled the slogan of ”Inspiring a generation

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