Thursday, 4 July 2013

All Change!

Graphic courtesy of Google Images
I awoke on Monday to a world without Google Reader. It was not new news; but at least 3 months old.  I had hoped, fool that I am, that perhaps Google would listen to their users and not close the facility down. 

Well, they didn't listen to their users and Google Reader is now RIP.

Over the last few months I had imported my news feed into not one, but two sites; Feedy and Flipboard.

So this morning, sitting with my iPad about to catch up with my RSS feeds I tried Feedy. What I found was "oops, the service is over subscribed, please try later"

Well, I could try later, but that did not fit in with my schedule for today, so I instead opened Flipboard. 

I have to say I was surprised and quite happy with the service. I read a few posts, marked a few for later reading (a bad habit of mine!) and then carried on with my day. I may go back to Feedy, but for now I am happy playing and reading via my new best friend Flipboard.

Sadly, before the news of Google Reader closing I had paid for the upgraded application for my iPad called Feedler Pro. Sadly today that seemed useless and I do hope in the future that I get to use that app again. For no other reason that I liked it. 

Why do these companies insist on change, just for changes sake?

So my final word on this is - 

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