Sunday, 5 February 2006

Book Crossing Devon Meeting - Walk from Castle Drogo to Fingle Bridge .....and Back

It was a beautiful day for a walk. There was twelve of us, including a well behaved 9 year old and four dogs. We set out from the car park at 11.15 and walked the mile down to Fingle Bridge. We all sat outside and had a rest and refreshment and of course had a look at a few books. The view on the way down was lovely, really breathtaking.

On the walk back, we walked along the river and then had the STEEP climb back to Castle Drogo. I became seperated from the group as I went back to see where my husband was. He had, I eventually deduced walked back the way we had come down, not realising the walk was circular. While hubby was walking back the way we came, I was walking along the river. This route was slightly hazzardous if, like me you are unfit! - Anyway, I didn't catch up to the others, but knew they were in front, by the messages they left with other walkers coming the other direction. Having negociated several hazzardous sets of steps, I started the steep climb up to Castle Drogo and the walk to the car park, where I was greeted by some rather worried Book Crossers and of course Hubby. Nevertheless, the views and River are lovely to see, especially as the sun shone through the trees onto the River.

I am exhausted, I've worked muscles that I'd forfotten I had. It must be 20 years since I had done this kind of walking.....A quick look at my CV shows I did my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award in 1985!

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