Friday, 3 February 2006

FIBIS Transcription Project 2006

I saw a posting on the India list, hosted by Rootsweb, earlier in the week about a Transcription project. A trawl of the Archives today found the posting. I must have been delete button happy and deleted the posting. Lucky we are early in the year, otherwise there would have been loads to read through. Anyway, here is part of the posting

"FIBIS has negotiated with the British Library that our transcription Project for 2006 shall be the 'Arrivals & Departures' (Shipping Lists) of passengers to and from India. We shall be starting with those from theMadras Almanac, commencing in 1811. We are very fortunate that many of our team from earlier years have kindly volunteered to help once again. However, we would always be grateful for any further volunteers. All you need is a spreadsheet (Excel, or compatible), enthusiasm and a little spare time. We issue the data in the form of photocopies, by snail-mail, and a template with instructions on how to transcribe, by e-mail. You then return the completed spreadsheet by e-mail. If you would like to volunteer, would you kindly confirm by return of e-mail and I'll include you on the list.Please indicate your snail-mail address in your message. The photocopies are scheduled for mailing out in mid-February and the templates (in Excel) with full instructions for their completion, will be issued by e-mail once the final list of volunteers has been established. As you know, these transcriptions are placed in our searchable databases on the FIBIS Web-site for all to have access free-of-charge. Your efforts are therefore very much appreciated by the increasing numbers of family historians researching their ancestors who lived and served in India & South Asia."

Families in British India Society

Just how I am going to do I have no idea, but this is a worthwhile project, so I may volunteer.

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