Saturday, 11 February 2006

Reading - The Salt Letters

Here is the Synopsis from Amazon

"It is 1854, and with the certainty of land behind her, Sarah flees her home for the uncertainties of life in the new colony. In steerage, she joins the other unmarried women, where the horrors of their close confinement bring an unraveling of secrets no one can control"

Frankly I was disappointed with the book. The story wandered back and forth through the book and various threads were left dangling. This is such a real shame. It is wonderful that letters and other primary source material sent at the time (1854) have survived, and could have been put to much better use. I was irritated by the error on the first page that Birkenhead is near Portsmouth!

I had ancestors that left England for Australia as assisted migrants in 1854, and I had high hopes for details of what the voyage was like, and there is lots of details about this, but on the whole, for me, this book was disappointing.

The Journal Entries are HERE
The Journal Entries for the 2nd copy, which is out on a bookring are HERE

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