Sunday, 15 October 2006

Exchange by Paul Magrs

What a delightful book. Written in such a style that it has a gentle innocence about the storyline and characters.

Young Simon is orphaned and he moves in with his grandparents. His grandmother shares his passion for reading and together they explore the neighbouring town and discover the Great Book Exchange.

Through exchanging a book at this wonderful shop (I wonder if such a place exists?) Simon's grandmother comes across a selection of books written by someone she knew from her childhood. We then follow through the memories of Simon's grandmother. Simon makes friends with Kelly, a young girl who works at the Exchange, and they devise a plan whereby the three of them can attend a reading from the author that grandma knows. What follows is a renewing of an old friendship.

This is a wonderful story, containing dealing with the sensitive issues of grief, friendship and understanding.

Thanks so much for sharing; without Book Crossing I probably would not have come across this book. The Journal Entries are HERE

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