Tuesday, 17 October 2006

One Day in History - 17th October 2006

17th October 2006 is for me not a typical day. I would usually be working with a mobile phone stuck to my ear most of the day, but this year it is holiday for me, time to spend with my husband, to read, relax and reflect.

As part of the relaxation process I spent some time working on a couple of genealogical lines that were irritating me. The Will I ordered from the Probabe office arrived. Drat it is not the will of my great grandfather, and neither is the death certificate that also arrive from the ONS in Stockport. Ironically the Will and Death certificate are related to the same person, just not to me!

I spent also spent some time looking through a very large pile of book rings that I have received from Book Crossing. This time last week I had 10 of them, this has now dwindled thankfully to two and I have started my latest read, a huge tome the latest by Diana Gabaldon. I've read the whole series this year, that is something like 6,000 pages in addition to the other 75 books already read this year.

I also replied to several emails that were outstanding to friends oversea,one in Canada and another in New Zealand.

We then spent the evening in front of the telly, watching a film. It is almost unheard of for me to sit in front of the telly, let alone remain seated for the duration of the film.

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