Wednesday, 29 November 2006

S for Silence by Sue Grafton

I felt that S was written in a slightly different style to previous in the series, and I wondered if the author was intentially changing the writing style, to show that we, as readers were heading towards the end, or if perhaps Grafton was running out of steam.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book, it had a storyline that jumped from 1953 when Violet goes missing into present day, and thus keeping the reader intune with the storyline, rather than simply devouring.

I enjoyed it and I feel no guilt when I add this to my PC, I'm greedy, I want a whole alphabet of Grafton, to enjoy long after the author gets to Z!

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Monday, 20 November 2006

Ohio Town by Helen Hooven Santmyer

What an amazing book,I felt that the book had the feel of a one sided conversation, the sort you might have with an elderly family member, a way of recording the past and bringing it alive. Probably of real interest to those who live in the area, and could identify with the town in reality.....super book

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Quilts: a Charm Book by Ljiljana Baird

A super little book of about 120 pictures of quilts; mainly quilts from the US, but other Countries are represented - England,Ireland,Wales,India,New Zealand,Germany to name a few.
Each illustration of the quilt is accompanied by a brief description of the design or patten.
My favourite design is of the Jane Austen Quilt on page 127

Friday, 17 November 2006

Trial by Fire by Benjamin Nicholls

"It is approaching the 400th anniversary of the execution of the witch of Little Foxwood. The whole village is excitedly preparing to mark the occasion with a bonfire party in the square. 14-year old Tom Storey, however, is not. He has just begaun a quest for the truth about some of his ancestors and as a result, his world meets the world of the supernatural head on. The legend of the witch and Tom's own research intertwine and lead Tom to discover a terrible secret of injustice and revenge that has haunted his family for centuries."

I saw a review of this in one of the genealogical magazines, or a family history society magazine and bought direct from the author earlier in the year

I'd been itching to read this one since I bought it. I took it with me on my holiday last month, but didn't get chance to read it then, but recently ceased the opportunity. Started last night and finished this evening....a page turner!

Written in a young adult style, it was the gentle story of a teenager who develops the family history bug. In general the genealogical aspects were well researched, with a little poetic license! Well pulled together and a delight to read.

It is the only copy registered on Book Crossing, and does deserve to be read by others, it may well go out on a bookring before joining my permenant collection. If anyone is interested on a small book ring drop me a note!

Full-size cover

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

100% English

Liver Journal user LyzzyBee alerted me to the fascinating programme broadcast on Channel 4 yesterday.

The programme synopsis
"Take eight people - all of whom are convinced they are 100% English. Then submit a sample of their DNA to a series of state-of-the-art tests... Lord Tebbit, Garry Bushell and Carol Thatcher are among the participants who have agreed to place their genetic make-up under the microscope."

What was produced was a fascinating and yet controversial programme. What makes us English? If we are born of English parents? That we can trace generations after generation into deep rural England, or perhaps the child of a migrant couple?.....see,all very controversial and definetely verging on being non politically correct.

I was born in England, to an English mother and an Italian father, my older half brother was born in Italy, to Italian mother and father and in the main educated in Italy, but did spend time in England. My younger half brother, born to Italian parents was born in England. His he more or less English than I am?

I guess it depends on your view. I am anglo Italian, and proud of it. The use of DNA is a fascinating one, and as my father comes from Sicily I wonder if there is any Arabic blood in there? given the history of Sicily.

You are only what you feel, and when I am in a mixed group, say at the Italian Procession in Clerkenwell in July, I do feel that I embrace my Italianness!

One point that was raised from several of the 8 people, as they were given their DNA results, they commented if the results indicated a particular comfortableness to a particular country or culture. One was told that there was a chance she had links to the China region and she wondered if this was her interest in Chinese interesting point from the same individual who was horrified her father's off license had become a chinese takeaway and had never had a spring roll!

Much food for thought - thanks LyzzyBee!

Live Journal thread is HERE

Monday, 13 November 2006


My Cousin sent this to me, and I thought it was so nice and wintery, I'd share here!

Pardonable Lies: A Maisie Dobbs Mystery by Jacqueline Winspear

I have been really looking forward to catching up with Maisie, so was delighted when postie delivered it this last Friday.I've got an awful cold, and I felt that I needed a book that I could immurse myself in.

Indeed,another great story from Jacqueline Winspear, which has dealt with the complex post war issues with understanding and kindness.

Monday, 6 November 2006

Uncatalogued:A Book Lovers Mystery by Julie Kaewert

The sixth (and as far as I know), the last in the series. Alex has finally made it to marrying his beloved Sarah, with her secret life, but will they make it through the honeymoon? Alex Plumtree is invited to sit on a Pepys Library committee,and the foundations of the committee is caught up with the events of locating extra's (are they genuine?) to the famous Pepys diary, added to it is the complexities of the Royal Family, and a trip to Dartmouth College where there is more sinister activities. Typically, Alex and Sarah come through in the end in this action packed book.

Saturday, 4 November 2006

Unsigned :A Book Lovers Mystery by Julie Kaewert

The fifth book in the series continues with the action,sinister and mysterical storyline of the previous books. In this one there is the added complication in that Alex's fiancee is still missing after her time spent as a hostage in Iraq. Everyone, except Alix believes Sarah is dead, but then he sees Sarah in the street, or does he. Alex learns of a twist in Sarah's life that he never thought possible.

Friday, 3 November 2006

What Should I Do With My Life? by Po Brosnan

mood: thoughtful

Ironically, this book arrived just as I had, had my Performance Review at work. I had been pondering on which way my career should,would & could go in. Having been told that I am ready to go to the next level, I wonder if I really want that, and if I do the impact it will have on my beloved. The one thing that I do know - I don't want to do in totality is go back into pure
pharmacy full time.

The book was an interesting read,one that required me to read chunks then reflect and digest just what I was doing in my life.

Untitled:A Book Lovers Mystery by Julie Kaewert

In the fourth in the series, Alex Plumtree is invited (and accepts)to join the Dibdin Club. Once again, Alex is caught up in the world of under cover book problems going back generations. Another page turner in the series.

Unprintable:A Book Lovers Mystery by Julie Kaewert

In the third book of the series there is more death,corruption and friendship. There is also the rather tenuous romance with Sarah, his dead pals all happens at Plumtree Press! Is Alex doomed?

Unbound: A Book Lovers Mystery by Julie Kaewert

More Plumtree adventures in the second book of the series.

Old Uni friend Angela writes a book revealing a series of typographical errors in a previous edition, or is there more to it?

The book is action packed and I am once again plunged into the depth of Plumtree Publishing.....another page turner.

Unsolicited: A Book Lovers Mystery by Julie Kaewert

I really enjoyed this book, first in the series, I decided that I would read back to back and complete the set. I wasn't disappointed with the start of the series.
The cover describes the book as a part mystery/part thriller and a touch of Dick Francis. It is probably an accurate description.
Alex Plumtree inherits the family publishing business and is going to publish a book by a author, who wants to keeps his identity a secret. Alex thinks he knows who the author is, but problems arise when the last five chapers fail to arrive.......


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