Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Island by Victoria Hislop

This was a fabulous read. Selected from Mount TBR for a trip away on Friday night. I started reading in the early hours of Friday morning and finished in Scotland on Saturday. I could barely put down and did so reluctantly.

Alexis is about to go on holiday with her boyfriend, to the country of her mother's birth Greece. She knows nothing about her heritage and suggests that she might visit the village her mother was born in. Armed with a letter to one of her mother's friends Alexis embarks on a journey that she will never forget.

Having reached Crete she leaves her boyfriend heads to the village. She embarks on a trip to the nearby deserted island of Spinalonga, which she establishes is a former leper colony. She spends a few hours there and heads back to the village to seek out her mother's friend. She meets up with Fortini who then shares with her the loves and lives of her mother and the generations that went before her and the connection the family has to Spinalonga.

A wonderfully written book and is recommended.

A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

I bought this book at one of the charity shops in Newton Abbot. I was in the midst of a book which I left at home, as my meeting was delayed I had chance to search for a book to fill the time with. I started this in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and finished it this morning.

It is the very gentle story of Oswald, who is advised to move South. He does and is soon involved within the local community - Patsy who is neglected and had a bad leg, Roy and his redbird, who had been injured and wasn't likely to pull through, but did. I loved the characters - gentle and genuine and at a rather delicate time in my life this book was a gentle one to read, and was quite comforting.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bond of Blood by Benjamin Nicholls

Continuing the story from Trial by Fire Tom discovers that he can travel in time, and manages to "meet" his ancestors and relatives in earlier times. What genealogist wouldn't like to visit earlier times and speak to their ancestors? Tom begins to care deeply for his ancestors and shares his concerns and excitements with his friend Mary. He learns that even though he can talk to his ancestors he can not change the events of history, and has to deal with all the emotions he feels when he witnesses events that he would rather not see. References to genealogical tools, such as the IGI and GRO the author has clearly done some research.

Written in a young adult style, this book continues the story and was very enjoyable. I am delighted to see from the author's web site that there is to be another three books in the series.

Bond of Blood

Scuba Dancing by Nicola Slade

I enjoyed the wonderfully eccentric characters, and like many readers before me, devoured this fairly quickly. It was what I would call a "comforting read"

Scuba Dancing (Transita) (Transita)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

Another fabulous book following the lives, loves and tribulations of the residents & workers of Blossom Street. Linda's knitting shop embarks on another class, this time knitting a prayer shawl, with a mixture of new and old students - Alix now a baker and about to marry Jordan, Susannah who owns the flower shop next door and Colette who works for Susannah.

Colette is also lives above A Good Yarn, having moved in when Linda married Brad and moved out. Margaret, Linda's sister doesn't trust Colette believing that she has something to hide, which she does, but not is all as it first appears.

I wonder if there will be anymore in the series about Blossom Street, perhaps about the bookshop? - I do hope so!

Debbie Macomber has a real gift for writing in such a genuine fashion and manages to fully encompass the emotions of the characters.

Anyone for a book ring - Liz, Audrey , .........?

Back on Blossom Street (STP - Mira)

Friday, 20 July 2007

Amy's Honeymoon by Julia Llewellyn

This wasn't the usual chick lit. Amy has spent a fortune on a wedding; only the groom has changed his mind! so Amy decides to go on the honeymoon anyway. Just as she is planning to leave the hotel, the ex groom arrives and has decided he wants to get married afterall. Does Amy take him back?........

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Small Town Girl by LaVyrle Spencer

This had been on my TBR pile mountain for too long.

Tess has come home, pressured by her two sisters to help their aged mother following a hip operation. Tess leaves behind, albeit, temporarily, her life as a singer in Nashville. Struggling to adapt, Tess feels uncomfortable with the amount of time, her mother's neighbour, Kevin spends with her mother. Worse still he was the "nerd" at school and suffered at the hands of Tess.

Tess takes a shine to Kevin's daughter Casey who is a wonderful singer. Together they spend time co-writing a song and when Tess offers to take Casey to Nashville so they can record the song, Kevin agreeds.

This is a wonderfully gentle story of remembering our roots, friends and love.

Sullivan's Island: A Lowcountry Tale by Dorothea Benton Frank

Picked up at the UnCon and read already! What a great book. I started this on Sunday night last week, I was unable to sleep as I had an early flight to Leeds and could not settle, so braved Mr AR being grumpy and had the side light on. By the end of Monday the book had been devoured.

It is the story of Susan, married to Tom and the mother of Beth. Susan is fairly happy, she had a tough childhood, but felt the love of her family and survived the upheavals she has endured. Working as a librarian, Susan leaves for work forgetting an important report. She returns home to find her husband of 16 years in bed with a younger woman. Susan's life suddenly changes.

There is a fabulous scene involving Susan getting her own back on Tom, involving some time in the bathroom, a toilet, a toothbrush and two bottles of aftershave. A woman scorned! Written with humour, even though, as readers we can feel Susan's pain.

To enable Susan to cope with the devestation she feels Susan flashes back to her childhood, her father and his values in an America which was struggling to that regardless of the colour of your skin everyone is equal. Susan has a very special relationship with the housekeeper, Livvy, who is black and is the descendant of slaves.

This is the story of love, friendship,forgiveness and equality. A really enjoyable book, one that I was disappointed to finish.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Quilter's Homecoming (Elm Creek Quilters Novels) by Jennifer Chiaverini

Not one of my favourite's in the series, but nonetheless, a super read to continue the series.

Elizabeth and her beloved Henry head off to start their life together in Califonia, believing that they are the proud owners of a farm called Triumph Farm, only to find when they reach California they have been conned and the farm they thought they owned is owned by someone else. Forced to work as hired hands to the owners, Henry and Elizabeth are committed to rebuilding their lives and their savings.

As a way of making ends meet, Elizabeth is forced to sell her beloved quilts, gifts from family at Elm Creek. Alas, Elizabeth saves enough to buy two of the three quilts back, with the third quilt being sold to someone else......

50 Harbor Street by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove Series)

On loan from Liz, this is book 5 in the series, about the lives and loves of the residents of Cedar Creek.

Corrie & Roy McAffee final solve their own personal mystery, Judge Olivia has a near scare with hubby Jack, plus the wedding of her nearest friend Grace and the wedding of Olivia's mother Charlotte. It really does all happen in Cedar Cove.

On its way to Audrey.

What a fabulous little series of books, are there anymore? I do hope so!

44 Cranberry Point by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove Series)

On loan Liz, from the fourth book in this series continues to be as addictive as ever.

The lives, tribulations and loves of the residents of Cedar Cove continue. Peggy and Bob who run the Bed & Breakfast in Cedar Creek are still caught up in the remainder of the mystery from the Vietnam days; The friendship with McAfree's continue to grow, but they have their own mystery to solve. Added to that a few babies, a couple of marriages and not to mention the Dog & Batchelor party, what more could a reader of Cedar Cove want?

Being passed to Audrey

Sunday, 8 July 2007

311 Pelican Court by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove Series)

Third book in the delightful and addictive Cedar Cove series. On loan from Liz

In this book we follow the story of Rosie and Zach who were introduced in book two. The storyline of Grace and her two daughters are developed further as are the characters of Jack's son Eric. Also there is a mystery to solve who is the man who died in the bed and breakfast run by friends of Jack and how does the deceased link to Grace's husband Dan?

This is a fabulous series. On the pile for Audrey

204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove Series)

On loan from Liz. Second book in the series.

Debbie Macomber continues with the lives of the Olivia and Jack; Charlotte her mother, Grace and the disappearance and death of her husband Dan. We also see the introduction of Rosie and Zach.

Simply wonderful!

On its way to Audrey.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove Series)

On loan from Liz. This is the first in the Cedar Cove series and was great and I am just about to wizz through book two!

This is the story of Judge Olivia Lockhart, her daughter Justine, then there is the young couple
torn apart in grief who are presenting a case for divorce in Olivia's court room, not if Olivia has anything to do with it. Add to that Olivia's friend Grace and her husband Dan, who vanishes after 35 years of marriage, Olivia's mother Charlotte who writes a senior's column in the local paper, edited by Olivia's friend, Jake, plus a few others and we have the central characters to Cedar Cove.

What I enjoy about the Debbie Macomber writing style is her ability to identify with genuine issues as the lives of the characters unfold, and for the duration of the book I am walking along side those characters in Cedar Cove.

Now on its way to Audrey.

Friday, 6 July 2007

The Founding: The Moreland Dynasty by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

What a fabulous book, I want to read more! Now in the desperate search for book two.

This is the story of Eleanor, married to a wealthy family in a turbulent England. The story unfolds with moving from her beloved Dorset to Yorkshire with her husband and his father. Eleanor is actually a woman before her times, who later on has her focus on the business of the family and bringing up her children. This is a storyline that reminds us of that in previous times, women were possessions of their spouses, who should produce male heir's to continue the family name and wealth. This was a time that to marry for love was a bonus!

If you enjoy historical novels then this is a good series to read, for the author has clearly spent much time researching 15th Century England.

Going into my permenant collection for a wee while, until I locate my own copy


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