Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bond of Blood by Benjamin Nicholls

Continuing the story from Trial by Fire Tom discovers that he can travel in time, and manages to "meet" his ancestors and relatives in earlier times. What genealogist wouldn't like to visit earlier times and speak to their ancestors? Tom begins to care deeply for his ancestors and shares his concerns and excitements with his friend Mary. He learns that even though he can talk to his ancestors he can not change the events of history, and has to deal with all the emotions he feels when he witnesses events that he would rather not see. References to genealogical tools, such as the IGI and GRO the author has clearly done some research.

Written in a young adult style, this book continues the story and was very enjoyable. I am delighted to see from the author's web site that there is to be another three books in the series.

Bond of Blood

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