Genealogists for Families

The genealogical community has always been a friendly and active one.

On 28th September 2011, Judy Webster in Queensland Australia created a team called Genealogists for Families within the non profit organisation called Kiva.

Building on the success of the conception of the team in 2011 the Genealogists for Families Team received an award for 'Best New Community Project'.

Now, 9 months later, the team consists of more than 210 people, across the globe. The team have loaned, which is the principle of the Kiva system, more than $26,950.

This is a fantastic achievement. One that I am proud to be a part of. This shows the value of family, it shows that in a world filled with war, poverty, uncertainty and fear that regular, working and retired people from all across the world care about others, who are in the main strangers, and come from a variety of Countries and different walks of life.

The basics of the system are this.

Register on the Kiva site and go on, join the teamRead through the selection of those who need help and having made your selection make your $25 loan.

The loan is repaid and you are then free to reloan your money or withdrawal it from the project the choice is yours. $25 is the cost of a Macdonalds for 3 people, yet $25 can do remarkable things, improving the lives of others.

Non Genealogists can join the team, which is open to family and friends of Genealogists. You can visit the team page and read about the project.

You can read about the regular people that are supporting the project via the blog.

Genealogists for Families - We care about families (past, present and future)

June 2012


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