Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - D is for.....

D is for......Discovery

We start the path to discovery as a young baby, crawling, walking, talking and touching.  As we progress along the path life leads us, we continue that road of discovery. This posting is about my journey and the discoveries made at the end of the path.

I guess one of the biggest discoveries I have made is reading. With each book, from chick-lit to novel to historical or professional text they are all read and somewhere along the way there is a discovery.

My genealogical studies and research routinely yield a discovery. This is a recent one. The Military Service record for my Great Great Great Grandfather, George Ellis. George served in the 10th Light Dragoons or Hussars from 1797 - 1817. The discovery is not the record, although that is wonderful to see and I marvel that it has survived, it is the signature and the physical description of George that I think is a wonderful discovery.

Professionally I have continuing professional development, which is not only a professional requirement as a code of practice, but also a way of discovery.  I was talking to a professional colleague recently, who announced that their recent discovery was they did not like doing the day job. They had just realised it, some 15 years after qualifying.

The expression of learning something new every day is very accurate and each of those new things is a discovery to be enjoyed.


  1. What a wonderful find, wonderful character for a novel, perhaps.

  2. After a bit more research George is going to be a feature of an Ancestor of the week post. I had't thought about a novel, but your right, it has potential.

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  4. Wow! You are so lucky to have that document!

    In my quest to map out my Family Tree I managed to download a copy of my G-Grandfather's Naval Record - and learned that he had tattooed arms! Amazing little snippets like that bring these characters to life, instead of just being names and dates!

    Guess what my 'G' is going to be in this A-Z series........?

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  5. Your genealogy work is very impressive.

  6. Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!

  7. Thanks to everyone for the really lovely and positive comments. They are really appreciate.

  8. What a awesome discovery. My sister likes doig family searches like. this. I should but for whatever reason nver got into. That is so cool!
    Here visiting from the A~Z Chanllenge


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