Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - X is for .....

X is for......oXo

How I struggled and struggled to think of a suitable candidate for X, but alas it was not to be, so I thought I would think, outside of the box and focus on something that had meaning for me, rather than looking through the dictionary!
OXO tin circa late 1940s.
My Grandmother was a great one for putting money by in a series of money boxes. She had a traditional money box divided into sections for gas, electric,rent, water rates and rates. Remember rates, in the dates before Council Tax? She also had a series of Bourneville Chocolate tins and a trusty oXo tin. All stored in the bottom of her wardrobe. I have no idea what she put money aside for in the Bourneville tins, but the oXo tin held the money she put aside for her hair to be done.

These were the days before debit cards and chip and pin, and the days before banks were institutions that could be challenged and held to account. These were the days when you were paid weekly in a small brown envelope and pensions from the Government paid via attending the post office and having your book stamped!

How things have changed, in what is a relatively short space of time.


  1. I enjoyed reading your unique 'X is for' ... post.
    Sometimes I think your grandmother's method of first saving, then purchasing, should be reinstituted for everyone who abuses credit card (and maybe for some governments.)

  2. Things have changed! We always had oxo for our gravy on Sunday roasts!

    I'm visiting you from the A-Z challenge
    Duncan In Kuantan


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