Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - Q is for .....

Q is for.....Quilt

When I was a child at school, my Mum worked for a fabric and clothing company in Guildford in the packing department. She was allowed to buy the remnants of the fabrics and often did and stored them. Some thirty years on she still has some of those fabric swatches and has used them to make a quilt or two. 

I still have one that she made for me as a child, Made for a single bed, occassionally we have it on our double just for a snuggle quilt. I admire such talent and patience. The following are three quilts Mum is currently working on. 

What surprised me is that, the two quilt pictures below are for different quilts. Fabric selected at random, yet the similarities of the design.


  1. So simple, yet so beautiful!

    I keep saying I must have a go at quilting......

    Thanks for sharing the piccies!

  2. My mother was a talented quilter, too. I've made a few quilts myself. These are lovley photos!

  3. I love home made quilts, especially heavy cotton ones. These are just lovely!! Great Blog!!

    I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images


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