Saturday, 30 April 2011

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - T is for .....

T is for .....Thyroid

A - Z of Thyroid Symptoms (not exhaustive), Diagnostics, Treatments and emotions.

A ~ Achy Joints, Anaemia
B ~ Blood Pressure, Blood Tests, Biopsy
C ~ Coldness
D ~ Diabetes
E ~ Exhaustion, Endocrine System
F ~ Fatigue, Frustration
G ~ Goitre
H ~ Hair Loss
I ~ Ignorance, Iodine
J ~ Jubilation
K ~ Knowledge
L ~ Libido, Liothyroline
M ~ Motivation Loss
N ~ Numbness (back, fingers & toes)
O ~ Over sensitive to noise
P ~ Pain, Palpitations
Q ~ Quinine (for Cramps)
R ~ Reflux
S ~ Skin Problems, Sleeping Problems
T ~ Tiredness, Temperature, Thyroxine, Thyroid-UK
U ~ Uncontrolled, Ultrasound
V ~ Victory
W ~ Weight Loss & Weight Gain
X ~ X-Ray
Y ~ Yellowing of the Whites of Eyes
Z ~ Zealousness

File:Thyroid system.png
Graphic from Wikipedia


  1. An A to Z within and A to Z? Well done!

  2. Thanks, the old brain box has been truly overworked!


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