Sunday, 25 December 2005

BookCrossing International Secret Santa

I took part in this and received several books from my huge wish list. Inside the parcel was a lovely card and a peice of Christmas cake.

Inside the card was the details that the cake was made using a receipe that originated with the lady's husband's grandfather, who had taken the receipe with him to Canada from England. Family history says that the same cake receipe that was served at the Wedding of Queen Victoria, and that it was fitting to send a peice of the cake back to England. Isn't that just lovely, especially as I have an ancestor who worked at the Royal Household and who emigrated to Canada in 1903.

Thanks so much Wendy, the books are great and the cake tastes wonderful!

Cheeky me, emailed Wendy and asked if I could have a copy of the receipe; and Wendy very kindly sent it to me. I'm going to try the receipe and see how I get on.

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