Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Dangerous Sports Euthanasia Society by Christine Coleman

What a super book, Only put down once I started it because various life events made me! The characters were written and developed with a sense of realness to them. I loved the character of Agnes, who at nearly 75 years "escapes" the old people's home she is residing in to visit her grandchildren. Once she has embarked upon her journey she meets new people and makes friends with those who want her to succeed in her quest. While Agnes is on her journey, her son Jack is on a different type of journey, he is struggling with his inner being, thinking back on perhaps the things he could have done differently, with his ex wife, his mother and with Monica his new partner. Jack is worried that something terrible has happened to Agnes. Meanwhile, a young and inexperienced policeman believes Jack is guilty of a serious crime.

This signed copy going into my permanent collection for a while.

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  1. Google has just alerted me to this nice review -thank you so much, Julie!
    It always pleases me enormously to hear back from people that they've enjoyed my book, and it's particularly pleasing when that review is available for others to read - especially if it inspires them to read the book too.
    With thousands of new novels published each year, last year's books can so easily be pushed off the shelf and into oblivion, so it's very encouraging to know that mine is still getting new readers over a year and a half after its publication in October 2005.


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