Friday, 17 August 2007

Ancestors by Paul Crooks

"A moving tale of a black British family that travels through the ages from slavery and beyond" was the review written by Bonnie Greer,of the Guardian.

I saw this reviewed a while ago in one of the genealogical magazines. I recently had a look at my Amazon wishlist and decided to make the purchase. I am so glad I did. What an incrediable journey the author has taken. Written in a fictionalised style, based upon research both in the UK and Jamaica, this follows the lives and without a doubt, hardships of the the author's ancestors. Transported as a young boy into slavery from Africa to Jamaica. In Jamaica he is given a new name "August" and set to work as a slave on the various plantations. He marries the daughter of the woman who looked after him on the ship, and they together build their lives bound to a "master" up until the time the slaves were set free.

The journey of the author is detailed in the Appendix and the highs and lows of his research and the emotions that he experienced are ones that many family historians can identify with. This is quite simply a fascinating book and a labour of love.

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