Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Life Planner (Thought Catcher) by Jennifer Percival

From the back cover:

If you:

* Make plans only to find other things take over

* Juggle commitments such as work and relationships

* Wonder when you will have time for yourself

* Find life does not turn out the way you expect

this book will help you find creative solutions.

Life Planner helps you understand yourself and turn your goals into reality by exploring:

* Your life as it is now

* Where you want to be

* The skills you need to get there

Life Planner is a new type of self-help workbook which combines though-provoking text and exercises to help you achieve your goals.

What a fabulous book. I took opportunity to work through the various sections, which then gave rise to me analysing my work situation and reflecting on it and enabling me to develop further for the future.

The web site associated to the books is here

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