Monday, 28 April 2008

Divas don't knit by Gil McNeil

I thought this would be very chick litty, but it was a lovely read and as a reader it was easy to identify with the main character.

Jo is the mother of two young boys, her husband a reporter who spends lots of time away from home announces that he wants a divorce. As he leaves Jo he has a fatal car accident. Jo discovers that her husband has managed to take a second mortgage out on their home....Jo tackles the chaos of her domestic life by moving out of London to the coast to take over and run her grandmother's wool shop which she renames McKnits. Jo is about to start of a new beginning and make some fascinating new friends.

The characters have a real feel to them as does the storyline, we can feel Jo's pain and concern through the pages of the book. A lovely, gentle read which I am pleased to say has a sequel.

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