Friday, 1 August 2008

Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber


Anne Marie Roche is a young widow who manages Blossom Street Books, two doors down from A Good Yarn - the Blossom Street store featured in Wednesdays at Four. Separated from her husband at the time of his death, Anne Marie is grieving his death and has found solace in friends who have also experienced the death of their partner. Together they've created an informal widows' support group and as part of their therapy, each woman in the group makes a list of twenty wishes.Anne Marie's desires include falling in love again, learning how to knit (which is where Lydia from early Blossom Street titles comes in), and becoming a volunteer. In fulfilling her wishes and with a little help from her friends, Anne Marie builds on her relationship with her step-daughter, comes to terms with not only his death, but also her husband's betrayal.

A lovely story, devoured very quickly whilst in Glasgow last month.

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