Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sorting Saturday - Twitter - April 2011

March swam into April at fairly rapid speed. My anaemia has made me quite tired, so on those evenings when I am home alone and usually catching up in the blog sphere, I have simply been too exhausted. Instead, I have been mooching in front of the telly, watching repeats of Pie in the Sky, reading and perhaps a little snoozing! - OK more than a little snoozing.

Here is the favourite Tweets for April, I still love that word!
  1. First spotted via a post on Ancestor Search Blog - Google Recipe View
  2. Sixth annual blogging event for Blogging against Disablism on 1st May 2011 & via Twitter #badd2011  Here are the entries for previous years - 20062007200820092010.
  3. The Official Royal Wedding Site with a link to the photos of the Wedding cake - beautiful craftsmanship!
  4. GeniMates, a great site in the making. I was profiled back in March
  5. An interesting posting about using a traditional notebook with Evernote
  6. Get involved in the Quilt for London project
  7. Alerted to this movie, Home by Christmas by  
  8. For those who took part in the A-Z April Blogging challenge - a set of buttons where you can meet some interesting participants.
  9. A Good Pharmacy Experience submitted to DearThyroid
  10. Participate with the Department of Health Listening Experience - submit contributions by 31st May 2011.
  11. April Organisational Tools, courtesy of DearMyrtle
  12. Edinburgh Historic Graveyard Project
  13. Thread of interesting posts to mark The Civil War Blog Challenge
  14. Several posts on using Evernote - Using Evernote with Etsy, Using Evernote to the fullest & Five reasons to Evernote your life
  15. Jamboree Application for Smartphones 
  16. Brant County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society
  17. Hogs Back Brewery

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