Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Fever!

It can not have escaped anyone's notice that the UK have had an extra long weekend in order for the public to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The second Monarch to achieve such an event. There have been street parties, Community spirit and a real sense of embracing the achievements of The Queen.

I know that there is a whole debate on the role of Monarchy - should we have them? why bother? etc etc. This post is not about that. This is about the achievements of a lady who is a Great Grandmother who still works, and does so very hard. I truly hope I am not working the hours she does when I am 86! I know that she has a team of people to assist her in her daily life and obligations, if I was in her shoes I would want people to help me. When I reflect on my day job, I realise I do have people to help me. The difference is whether I am good, great or bad it does not appear in the press or on every social media devise possible and beamed around the world in seconds!

I recently had a conversation with someone who complained about the cost of the Monarchy and about the contribution the Royal Family make. My response was look beyond the cost. Look at the wider picture and understand how we as a Nation came to be, the division between Monarchy and State. Look at the achievements created during the last 60 years. The Coronation was beamed to a few households who had a television. Now we can watch the television on a devise the size of book. Many households have more than one TV. In fact as I write this I am watching the re runs on Sky News of the Jubilee event that is took place on the Thames yesterday on my iPad.

The event itself was I think remarkable and inspired by a painting by the Venetian artist Canaletto.
Whether or not you are a fan of The Monarchy you can not fail to view the painting that acted as inspiration and realise that what was achieved yesterday was a very close second. 

You can read and see various photographs from the following newspapers:
The Telegraph
The Independent

Sky News

The Diamond Jubilee Official Website
Jubilee Time Capsule

What were you doing at the time of the 1977 Silver Jubilee or the 2002 Golden Jubilee?

Whatever your feelings on the subject, the Diamond Jubilee is a special event in British and Commonwealth History. And lets not forget we do love our pomp and ceremony!


  1. Hear! Hear! A wonderful job done by an outstanding servant to the job. In 1977 I was in London for the Jubilee. I only wish I could have been there for this jubilee...but wouldn't have enjoyed the pouring rain yesterday at the Thames pageant. She was such a brick in the cold!

  2. The pageant was a great event! What a shame the weather was so "British" so the colors showed up more. It was a well deserved celebration. It was impressive seeing her stand all those long hours. I was struck by how much the Family was enjoying themselves.


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