Friday, 3 May 2013

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - Reflections

For the 3rd year I have taken part in the A-Z challenge.

This year I used my last trip to Australia as my catalyst for post, in a similar vein to last year when I was getting ready for my trip and I used previous trips and genealogy as my post spring board.

Like last year I wrote all my posts in advance, but I visited less participants than last year simply because of my domestics as I de-clutter and prepare for a house move. I am still visiting other participants and will do so for a long while yet.

I have though, gained new followers and received some lovely comments, and I have followed several new blogs and "met" some very interesting people.

Last year I linked into other regular blog posts - Sepia Saturday and a few others, but didn't this year. The culling of our belongings is taking it's toll!

I found that when I did make an extra post someone left me a message to say that I was not participating in the A-Z despite the side bar indicating recent posts and the top page marked A-Z challenge.

I continue to love the involvement of a wide variety of blogs and being able to explore different ones, meeting some great people and themes along the way. With so many genealogical type posts perhaps a category for genealogy next year would be good.

I love the creativeness that the A-Z Challenge provides. The planning and thought process. The challenge is made easier by writing in advance and by having a theme. I already have a few ideas for the next challenge......

Finally, thanks to the organisers and to those who read and commented; and also to those new followers.

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  1. I managed to fit in a few Sepia Saturday posts, both connected to the A-Z and just extra. I didn't get any complaints but maybe they just hadn't stopped by on that day? Congrats on getting through in spite of your big move coming up and all that entails.

  2. From one AtoZ cohort to another ~ cheers! AND fellow fisherperson (I like ocean sport fishing for bottom fish and salmon).

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I'm still going to go through the list too. I think a separate theme for genealogy would be good as I came across more than I expected and it's a category that doesn't really fit elsewhere. Glad you got through it. Whew, huh?

    History Sleuth's Writings A-Z


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