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52 Ancestors:# 4 ~ John Hunt Butcher (1781 - 1839)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks
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This post is for week 4 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge by Amy Crow from No Story Too Small.

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John Hunt Butcher was baptised in Cranley (now Cranleigh) Surrey on 10 February 1781. He was the Son of Richard Butcher and his wife Sarah nee WITHERALL.

Courtesy of Ancestry
Baptism St Nicholas Cranley (Cranleigh) CRA/1/5
Baptism of John Hunt Butcher 10 Feb 1781
He married Sarah BURCHELL at St Georges Hanover Square in London on 7th November 1808.

London Metropolitan Archives at Ancestry
Bishop Transcripts 1808
London Metropolitan Archives at Ancestry
Bishop Transcripts 1808
John Hunt Butcher inherited land and property from the Hunt side of the family and the Chandler family who had married into the Butcher family. Lines of inheritance had to be amended because either the lines died out without issue or the issue did not survive. Therefore John Hunt Butcher was reasonably financially stable.

A further point is his marriage Sarah BURCHELL. The Burchell family were well know and respected in London at this time, The marriage is witnessed by Matthew Burchell who was Sarah's brother who went onto marry John's sister in 1810. There was other siblings to the Burchell family including William John Burchell who was a famous botanist and well travelled. I suspect that William influenced John to migrate to Australia, which he did in 1822.

At some point before arriving in Australia, John applied for a land grant. He was allocated land in reference point S12 which was in Macquarie (source Scott's Map). There is also a Burchell listed as being granted land, but other research shows that, that particular Burchell stopped off on the voyage to Australia in South Africa and decided to remain there. Further research is needed more on this individual.

Once in Australia, John Hunt raised his family and added to it! He became a Magistrate and was a respected member of the local community. More details can be seen HERE.


  1. Explore more on the Burchell family 
  2. Locate more reference details to the land Grand in Tasmania
  3. Locate references to his role as a magistrate
  4. Transcribe John Hunt Butcher's will 1839 - already have a copy
  5. Expand the family further, using material already located, before continuing on my quest.

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