Friday, 1 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 1

We kick off of a month long visit through our family photos. Over the next 28 days you will see in detail the photographs that were in the collage I created and appeared in yesterday's post.

This first photograph is of my Grandmother, Lilian Edith Butcher nee Matthews. 

Gran was born on 18th December 1912 and in this photo she is aged 12 years, so I am estimating that this was taken during 1925. Was this taken to commemorate a special event? I wish I had asked my Grandmother now.  
My Grandmother also had a brother born the same year. My Uncle was born in Jan 1912. What a tough time my Great Grandmother must have had. Two children the same age, in addition to her older children. 


  1. Almost like twins but not quite. I hope some of the older kids were old enough to help, at least to amuse the 1 year old while she dealt with the baby.

    The photograph of your grandmother is lovely. It looks like it could be an illustration in a children's book about an interesting little girl.

    Amazing the questions we think of when we can no longer get the answers!

    1. It is a lovely photo. Ironically Ernest who was the baby born in January 1912 married the sister of my Grandfather. A case of brother and sister marrying brother and sister.

      The older children, were mainly boys, but the second eldest was a girl and My Aunt was close to my Grandmother so I guess that was a knock on from looking after the young ones.

  2. Your great grandmother would have had her hands full! It's a really sweet photo of your Gran..don't we always have so many questions. What a great story about the brothers marrying sisters. That seems to happen a lot in that era, but I had thought perhaps it was more common in Oz where there were fewer marriage partners, but obviously not.

  3. Oooh I identify with the "why didn't I ask?????" feeling !


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