Monday, 9 January 2006

Ancestral Paraphernalia or Scotland again!

We took the in laws home this weekend. Having spent Christmas & New Year with us, my father in law was keen to show me several bits that had been passed down from his mother and maternal grandmother. The surname in brackets indicates which ancestral link each bit pertains too.

Here are the brief details, I intend to do some research on these.

1. A table knife. Marked on the back with R McQueen, Newcastle (WORSHIP)

2. A spoon with the initial of W on the top of the handle. Marked on the back with R McQuade (WORSHIP)

3. A delightful butter knife with the following details on the back
PAT MAR 2 -15 1881 {R} Rogers {R} A1 (RHODES>WORSHIP>HINDLE)

4. One of the delightful implements used for unhooking ladies boots. No markings specifically, The Celtic patten is the same on both sides, and the word Sterling appears on the handle. I don't feel this indicates steriling silver, my hunch is that it was made in Sterling. (RHODES>WORSHIP>HINDLE)

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