Monday, 16 January 2006

Rhodes, Worship & Hindle Research

I've had a great time this weekend researching the family of Annie Rhodes.

She's my father in laws maternal grandmother, who divorced Charles Arthur Worship sometime between 1901 and 1905. Annie moved to Philadelphia PA, USA and married a Henry (Harry) Hindle, they had one son who was christened Henry (Harry) Rhodes Hindle. I already knew that there had been a divorce and a remarriage in the US and that the Hindle's had a Fruit and Veg Merchant business in Philadelphia, so I knew where to research in the US. Without those details it would have been nigh on impossible. There are also photos of the Hindle's in the US that were sent back to the three children of Annie that sheleft behind, although there were adults, it must have still been difficultto adjust to, America was not as near as it is now in 1905! -

Anyway, digressing, I had a search through the immigration records for PA and found that in 1921 Annie now a Hindle and son Harry and travelled back to the US from Liverpool, so the family did keep in touch. A quick thought yesterday for the surname of Worship, well, I was glad that I had searched as it found Annie's eldest daughter Emily aged 23 heading off to the US in 1914. I don't know if this was a holiday to visit her mother or for good. A thorough search of the US census from 1870 located Henry Hindle Senior and then that of Henry & Annie together. Research also found Annie as a child in Manningham Bradford Yorkshire and that of her father Joseph Rhodes a young man in Manningham aged 17 in 1851.

I am delighted with my new Ancestry subscription!

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