Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Last week and this week have been frantic, I went to Head Office on Friday, so that was 6 hours in the car and two in at an informal interview, then back to Devon. On Monday and Tuesday I was away on a course in Southampton. I had too much wine on Monday night, even though all my colleagues thought being on a course with my boss would cramp my style and the evening jollys....oh no it didn't! Then back on Tuesday night, to piles of emails and "proper" mail which included a few books.

Waiting amongst the pile of mail was this from a fellow Book Crosser, with a lovely Journal Entry. Thanks LyzzyBee. This just demonstates how lovely it is to be involved with Book Crossing, and the wonder of such friendships.

"Friendships are glued together with little kindnesses" Mercia Tweedale
(b 1915)

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