Friday, 3 February 2006

Time Watch Programme - The Floating Brothel

Time Watch broadcasted their programme called "The Floating Brothel" here in the UK at 9pm. I remembered to video the programme for a member of the GOONS list who resides in paradise, oops, Australia!

What a great programme. Incredibly fascinating. It was well put together and a pleasure to watch. What was interesting to see was the visit to what is left of Newdigate Gaol. There is a Henry Goucher who was tried and convicted and received the punishment of death in 1811. His sentence was commuted to transportation to Australia and he sailed on The Guildford in 1812. The explaination of the Gaol was therefore of interest as it fleshed out the last days of Henry's life in England.

Here is a link to the trial details on the of web site of the
Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674 - 1834

Sadly, we can not "claim" Henry, but it is fun to try and establish his origins.

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