Monday, 17 April 2006

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant - TV Drama

Although I'm not a real Telly addict, I spotted the advertisment for the Drama of The Incrediable life of Mary Bryant, a convict from Cornwall, who is sentenced to death, but receives a pardon and is transported to Botany Bay. She manages to escape and after some time is recapured. Upon her return to England she is labelled a hero, and is pardoned, and returned to her native Cornwall. A sad story having lost her husband and children through the events.

The story line grabbed my attention as, I read recently, The Girl from Botany Bay, who although is refered to in the book as Mary Broad, is indeed the same person. The drama had been jazzed up slightly in places from the book, but, nevertheless was a very good drama and was well worth watching.

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