Monday 26 June 2006

Journallers Homework w/c 19th June

We all live in such different cities - I'd love to hear about the views from different peoples windows. That can be a metaphor - a snapshot of your day, or a physical or spiritual (looking through a stained glass window?).

What I may think of as boring, you may find fascinating because we come from all over the world, and from different backgrounds...

I was watching a programme on TV several months ago, it was about eyes and the fact the our eyes are taking pictures every day, thousands of them, and some we are not even aware of. Isn't that am amazing concept? In turn those snapshots, are only recorded by us as memories in our heads, and perhaps scrapbooks and journals.

What did I do today? Well, it was a work day, and I worked from home as I am on holiday from Thursday and I want to leave the decks clear while I am away. Even so though, I wondered into town to get a few things that are a present. Where is town? Town is Teignmouth, on the southwest coast of Devon (England). Its been dull, grey and raining today and that always makes Teignmouth look dreary and depressed.

Teignmouth, is on the coast, 7 miles north from Torquay and 16 miles south from Exeter. It has a population of about 22,000 people and swells during the Summer months. The kids have not finished school yet, so there are not as many tourists about as there might be later in the season. The area is fairly busy from mid July until the end of October and then everything closes down for the winter,there is a sudden burst for Christmas, then quiet again until Easter. Winter seems to last a long time here, and I don't like that. I enjoy bright, sunny days, I always feel as though I achieve more than on a dreary day. Perhaps I do, or maybe I just think I do.

As I type, I am looking into the garden, through the glass in the door that leads from our living room into the garden. It is still overcast, but nonetheless,some of the flowers have blossomed and there is bursts of colour, the red of a Geranium and the beautiful, vibrant pink of a Lily. Perhaps tomorrow the sun will come out.

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