Monday, 30 April 2007

Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald

This is the story of Tami, who receives the gift from her parents of a small bottle of American sand and a plane ticket to America. Such simple gifts, but with a very special meaning. Tami flies to America, on the flight she removes her hejab and has a glass of wine, both actions are forbidden in Iran. Tami has about to start a new chapter in her life, and to do so, she must marry within 3 months, or return to Iran. Tami meets a group through her English language classes and Ike, who works at the local Starbucks. She starts to build her life, always aware that the clock on her visa is ticking. She meets two men, who will marry her,but each in their own way wish to control her just as as though they would be in Iran. Just as it appears that Tami will have to return to Iran, she is presented with a situation that enables her to follow her heart.

For me this was a very reflective storyline. It enables me to appreciate how lucky I am to live in a different and free society and like all good books, this will remain with me for some time to come.

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